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Our Staff


Graphic Arts Teacher

Glenn Laird

Room: S-6

Courses: Grapic Arts 1AB,2AB, Screen Printing and Design


Mr. Laird believes that the basics of people skills and teamwork are universal and is there to serve the needs of the students to the best of his ability while trying to give 110%. He believes that teaching is a service job and the students are the teacher’s customers. He sees the Eagle Rock High community as an extended family in that looks out for each other in a small town way.

Talyn Simonian


Computer Teacher/Personal Project Coordinator

Room #: 207

Courses/grade levels:

Introduction to computers 9th, Digital Computers 11-12, IBMYP Design- 9- 10th
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Ms.Simonian believes in strengthening every student’s knowledge in technology in order to prepare them for the global workforce. She admires the diverse and hard working student body and staff. She is a mother of two, enjoys paddleboarding and hiking.

Joseph Cohen

Room#: B20


Courses/grade level: Video Production 9-12, Economics 12th, World History 10th



Photo/Animation Teacher

Room#: S3C 


Courses/grade level: Photo, 9-12, Cartoon/Animation 7-12



Mrs. Soto believes in the power of education to enhance the lives of students. Education offers students opportunities to freely engage with and explore ideas and forms of expression in ways that are so healthy for a diverse student population.


She values that Eagle Rock High School strives to provide students with an education that will shape them into well-rounded, thoughtful members of our society whose contributions will help create a better world. 

Martha Soto


ROP Instructor/Individuals & Societies Teacher


ROP Instructor

Robert Walters

Room#: S5


Courses taught: Video Production, Stage Technologies, Performing Artist



Mr. Walters has worked in the TV and Film industry on both coasts for the past 25 years. In Los Angeles he has achieved success both in front of the camera and behind. 

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