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Our Staff


Art Department Chair

Pablo Oliveros

Room# 217


Course/grade level: IB Diploma Programme Visual Arts Year I and Year II, Advanced Placement Studio Art: Drawing, 2-D and 3-D, Photography I. Co-sponsor for the class of 2017!



Mr Oliveros is an Eagle Rock Alumni and serves as the department chair. He enjoys teaching here because of its valued traditions and cultural diversity. He  values art and believes that all art matters and encourages self-expression. 


Visual Art Teacher

Grace Maddox


Course/grade level: 7-8 General Art, 9-12 Painting 1A/2A



Mrs. Maddox is the newest member of our department. She values ERHS’s student diversity and her students’ passion for learning. ERHS provides a wide variety of art curriculum, from music to drama, dance, from digital to traditional medium. She values ERHS’s dedication to the growth and education of it’s student body.


Mrs. Maddox enjoys working in her garden, going to different museums with her family, and cooking for family and friends. Above all, she  LOVES to paint.

Garce MAddox.jpg


Visual Art Teacher

Mollie Murphy


Courses/grade level: 7-8 general art, 9-11 drawing


Ms. Murphy believes student can acquire the tools for social expression through the arts. She appreciates the welcoming atmosphere and is also a practicing artist and educator that has exhibited her work in the UK, Europe, New York, and Los Angeles.


Art Teacher

Jennifer Kelley




Courses/grade level:  American Images,7-12



Ms. Kelley believes art helps the brain develop and values the dedicated students and staff at ERHS, as well as the plethora of educational opportunities and classes offered here. Attended the University of Cincinnati, where she received her bachelor science in design, and National University where she received her masters in education and teaching credentials (single subject art).

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Dance Teacher

Erica Okada


Room# B17/S2


Courses/grade level:  Dance, 7-12



Erika believes in the importance of incorporating the arts and dance in schools to help students not only academically, but physically, mentally and emotionally. She is delighted to be part of the Eagle Rock staff and looks forward to building a successful dance program and looks forward to sharing her love for dance with the diverse and motivated students of Eagle Rock.


Photo/Animation Teacher

Room#: S3C 


Courses/grade level: Photo, 9-12, Cartoon/Animation 7-12



Mrs. Soto believes in the power of education to enhance the lives of students. Education offers students opportunities to freely engage with and explore ideas and forms of expression in ways that are so healthy for a diverse student population.


She values that Eagle Rock High School strives to provide students with an education that will shape them into well-rounded, thoughtful members of our society whose contributions will help create a better world. 

Martha Soto

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